To produce high quality yarn and that too on time, you need a good production facility, capable of taking on any challenge thrown at you. In this regard, USM possesses the best infrastructure that has the ability and potential to give you high quality yarn of wide range of counts from 10/s to 100/s products. Our manufacturing process has been smoothly integrated to facilitate all the processes involved in yarn manufacturing under one roof. This enables us to reduce the time spent in completing your orders. All our machines are the latest available in the market, and whenever required, USM has never shied away from purchasing the most modern equipment for production as well as yarn testing to be competent in the market. All our departments are equipped with the latest equipment to maintain the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves. Our professional laboratory team works 24/7 taking samples at different stages from raw material arrival till end product packing to ensure the consistency in yarn quality. Raw material and preparatory process is monitored by Uster HVI Spectrum & AFIS Pro 2. Slivers, Roving & Yarns are regularly checked by using Uster tester 4. Cone Expert 3 makes it possible to monitor all the production passing through Uster Quantum in Auto cone General precautions are also taken to ensure the cleanliness of the mill air & floor area at all stages of production.


USM always invest in high quality cotton that is imported from USA, Brazil, India, Egypt, Africa and Turkey. We procure raw cotton from local market for the whole year consumption. This helps us to provide the consistent quality products for our customers throughout the year.


Raw Material

For the best quality cotton yarn production we use following mix of best quality raw cotton produced in the World.

• Long Staple, Contamination free USA Supima.
• Medium Staple Contamination Free US & Australian Cotton.
• Best Quality, Contamination Sorted Pakistani Cotton.
• Indian Cotton MCU 5 / Shankar 6 (Super)