Chairman’s Message

As founder of Umar Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Ltd., I feel a strong sense of pride and honor to head such an exceptional organization. Exceptional in every regard, be it dedication to work, a sense of commitment to the customer satisfaction or maintaining quality standards to meet expectations with our motivated workforce. Most of all, in winning over customer’s confidence which to us is the prime reason for our success day after day year after year.

Achievement brings with it a sense of pride which further encourages the growth of the people, the company and the product line. As we look back over the years, we have come a long way from whence we began. The road to success has not always been easy to tread but each hurdle overcome gave us strength to go one more step ahead. We took each challenge as a part of the bigger process which prepared us for greater things in time to come.

The “USM”, a vision of the future that is continually expanding itself by the basic qualities, necessary to growth and holds a promise of ever greater things to come.

I thank everyone at the “USM” for their unwavering faith and conviction which had made it possible for the vision to come true.

It is my distinct privilege to share it with you.

Chairman Umar Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.