Welcome to Umar Spinning Mills!


Umar spinning mills is private limited company the unit has been set up in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The construction of the main mills commence during the year 2002. The erection and Installation completed by May 2003, and the production commenced during the month of May 2003.

Our stringent commitment to global standards of Quality has seen us grow phenomenally over the last couple of years, to create a niche of our own in the highly competitive market. Our unchallenged variety of products is already a rage in national industries. Utmost care is taken to maintain quality standards across all stages of production. This is made possible due to our state of the art production facility with an installed capacity of 28,176 compact spindle (K44 and Toyoda) and 1200 spindles of Volkmann twisting.

Importantly, we use cutting edge technology to put our products thought a series of Quality control checks, to ensure stringent quality standards. This penchants for Quality is also shared by our team of highly qualified and competent professionals, who under the able and dynamic leadership of Muhammad Faisal Pervaiz, Managing Director, have made our remarkable growth possible. It is with this shared vision that we are marching towards our avowed goal of attaining undisputed leadership, in or chosen fields.


We are in textile spinning business for over a decade under the name & style of “Umar Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.”   “Umar” Brand. This spinning unit is based on “state of the art” machines manufacturing Coarse to fine counts 16s – 140s of cotton compact/spun yarns. USM is one of the largest compact units of Pakistan and is ranked amongst top 10 units of Pakistan in terms of compact spinning capacity and is ranked as the second largest Toyoda Compact Unit in the world as of May 2005.  USM has now in all 30,576 compact/non compact spindles including Rieter K 44 Ring Frames and state of the art Volkmann Twisting - 1400 spindles of Twisting and fully geared to produce 2 ply/3ply yarns from Ne 20 to 140.

Chairman Message

As founder of Umar Spinning Mill Pvt Limited, I feel a strong sense of pride and honors to head such an exceptional organization. Exceptional in every regard, be it dedication to work, a sense of commitment to the customer or maintaining quality standards. Most of all, in winning over customer’s confidence which to us is the prime reason for our success day after day year after year.

Achievement brings with it a sense of pride which further encourages the growth of the people, the company and the product line. As we look back over the years, we have come a long may from whence we began. The road to success has not always been easy to tread but each hurdle overcome gave us strength to go one more step ahead. We took each challenge as a part of the bigger process which prepared us for greater things in time to come.

The USML, a vision of the future that is continually expanding itself by the basic qualities, necessary to growth and holds a promise of ever greater things to come.

I thank everyone at the USML for their unwavering faith and conviction which had made it possible for the vision to come true.

It is my distinct privilege to share it with you.